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Manage Infrastructure.
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With ELM Companies, you can map out your utility infrastructure, digitize your utility data, store energy for later use, and generate energy for your consumption needs. You can do all of this with a single partnership.

About Us

The One Utility Management Partnership You Need.

ELM Companies provides comprehensive utility infrastructure management solutions that minimize disruptions, reduce risks, and improve your overall performance.

Our four business segments develop, implement, and utilize sophisticated utility, infrastructure, and energy technology to minimize usage disturbances and improve energy consumption efficiencies. 

We locate underground utilities and structures so you know where they are before you start disturbing the ground. ranging from power and gas lines to fiber optic cable. Our ability to accurately and comprehensively locate subsurface utilities reduces your risk of costly damages.

As the second largest utility locating company in the US, our team of more than 800 highly trained specialists accurately locate and mark subsurface infrastructure like natural gas, electricity, phone, and cable television.

Our utility locating keeps your power and gas lines from getting cut. and that homes and businesses can seamlessly operate on battery power.

All so you do not have to experience a disruption in power.

We develop, implement, and utilize sophisticated utility, infrastructure, and energy technology that minimize usage disturbances and improve energy consumption efficiencies. 

Each of our four businesses specialize in their respective fields. 

ELM Utility Services focuses on providing precision locating and maintenance services to reduceground disturbance accidents. 

LaunchPoint offers advanced digital technology for mapping subsurface structures, as well as a suite of sophisticated applications that can digitize your entire workflow.

ELM MicroGrid combines the latest energy technology with advanced battery storage solutions to produce customizable microgrid capabilities for residential and commercial projects.

ELM Solar provides solar energy technology that offers 40% more power generation than traditional panels.

ELM Company is the only partner you need for your utility and energy management. 

Locating & Mapping

Precision locating and mapping

Microgrid Technology

Seamless transition from grid energy to stored energy

Management Systems

Digital mapping, reporting, and workflow

Solar Energy

Generate 40% more energy with the same size

Utility Locating

Focusing on precision locating and maintenance services.
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Utility Management

Digitize your locates, maps, and workflows from your smart device.
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Advanced battery storage solutions for residential and commerical projects.
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Produce 40% more energy with the same amount of panels.
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We Simplify Utility and Energy Management

With four business specialties, you can find and implement your utility and energy needs all through a single partnership. 

From mapping and locating to comprehensive digitalization, ELM Companies is your single partnership for your infrastructure and utility needs.

Our Services

Explore Our Portfolio

Whether you are needing a locate for a construction site or wishing to take your island off the grid, our solutions are customized specifically to your project.

Utility Locating

Precisely locate underground utilities with 99.978% accuracy.

Utility Mapping

Digitize your locates with real-time mapping that allows you to quickly export to ArcGIS.

Leak Detection

Combustible gas leak surveys using the latest flame ionization and hydrocarbon technology.

Meter Services

Gas meter builds, changeout, shutoffs, readings, paintings, and maintenance.

Technician Tracking

Manage technicians and digitize your reporting system from a single application.

Custom Forms

Update your paper processes to scalable digital forms that offer live inputs and updates.

Incident Investigations

Collect data, pictures, and videos from construction near misses or line strikes.

Site Survey

Document and photograph construction job sites prior to excavating.

Pipeline Services

Atmospheric corrosion and regulator inspections, pressure recording downloads.

Energy Storage

Advanced battery storage systems to operate autonomously with your centralized power grid.


Operate independently and seamlessly amid a centralized power grid loss.

GPS Survey

Digitally map your underground utilities from your smart device.

Why Choose Us

One Partnership Offers You Comprehensive Services

When you partner with ELM, you gain access to comprehensive turn-key solutions for utility and energy management. As cloud-based technology innovators, you will have access to commercial, industrial, and residential products and services that satisfy your needs.

Cloud-based Technology

Our cloud-based services provide you with real-time inputs and outputs for utility and personnel management. 

Comprehensive Services

With a single partnership, you gain access to utility and infrastructure management, energy storage, and energy production.

National Presence

We operate across the country with the ability to service to your specific location.

Scalable Capacity

With over 1,000 employees we have the ability to provide you with solutions and aid you with forecasting future needs.


Utility and Energy Solutions for Your Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Needs

Our products and services can adapt to directly meet your needs.

ELM Companies offers you a wide range of services and products. From powering your home to storing energy for your utility, our experts develop innovative and sophisticated solutions to help you increase your efficiency and decrease your costs. 

Through our cloud-based technology, you can see your energy storage levels, quickly check your technician’s sitework, accurately locate subsurface and above ground infrastructure, and review live data as its being reported from the field.

Whether you own a small home or operate a large-scale healthcare system, our depth of products and services can scale to match your needs. 


A Leading Partner for Companies across the U.S.

Protecting utility and energy infrastructure motivates us to provide superior and comprehensive services across several sectors. Our products and services are utilized among hospitality, healthcare, safety, utilities, manufacturing, construction, and private residences.

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ELM’s partners trust our ability to provide comprehensive utility and infrastructure services. Learn about a few projects that showcase our sophisticated solutions.


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Our National and International Presence Can Bring Solutions to You, Wherever You Are

Our national presence means you have access to comprehensive utility and energy services no matter where you are located.

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