ELM Solar manufactures and distributes Naked Energy’s technology that offers the world’s highest energy density solar equipment available on the market. Through revolutionary innovation and engineering, Naked Energy’s solar equipment provides more energy in less space. You can enjoy greater energy production and lower prices with the advanced solar technology.

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Produce More Solar Energy Using Less Space

Naked Energy's technology produces more energy by utilizing both the sun's light and heat to produce energy. By using advanced reflector technology, your power generating capacity is amplified while decreasing your need for space.

You can generate up to 50% more energy while using less space with these products through ELM Solar. The adaptability of this technology allows you to generate constant power and heat for hospital systems, new residential and multi-dwelling residential developments, hospitality, leisure centers, commercial spaces, manufacturing, and utility applications.

Decrease Carbon

Naked Energy technology saves up to 3.5x more carbon per square yard.

Reduce Your Risk

Avoid the volatility of fossil fuel prices and exposure to increasing energy prices.

Increase Your Returns

Generate up to 50% greater financial returns per square yard of panels.

Enjoy the Design

Naked Energy offers visually stunning architectural design to enhance your space.


We Deploy the World's Highest Energy Density Solar Technology.

Naked Energy technology delivers zero carbon heat and more efficient solar energy capture than any other produce on the market.

This next generation technology harnesses the latest innovations in solar thermal technology. Unlike traditional solar panels, our technology uses a hybrid solar collector that combines the sun’s light and heat.

By harnessing these dual capabilities, you can experience greater energy production in a smaller area


Generate More Solar Energy With Less Space

Naked Energy products produced by ELM Solar generate energy by harnessing the sun’s power for both electricity and heat production. By using this dual capacity, our panels can generate up to 4 times more energy than traditional solar panels.

Increase Your Financial Returns

You can save more money each month with your increased energy production capacity. Your savings directly increases how quickly you can recuperate your investment.

Decrease Your Carbon Emissions and Consumption

More solar energy production means less carbon emissions. With the solar thermal technology manufactured and distributed by ELM Solar, you can reach your city and state carbon emission goals.

Naked Energy’s technology provides zero-carbon energy generation that can power your building and offer a renewable source of heat. 

Adapt Solar Thermal Technology to Precisely Meet Your Needs

Our applications are adaptable to your specific usage needs. Whether your hospital system wanting to decrease costs for heat production or a homeowner search for relief on your utility bill, we can adjust the application to meet your goals. 


Explore How You Can Apply Advance Solar Thermal Technology

Our applications are adaptable to your specific usage needs. Whether your hospital system wants to decrease costs for heat production or a homeowner in search of relief on your utility bill, we have a solution.

Power your home. Heat your water. Reduce your costs.
Reduce Your Utility Costs
Generate the energy you want for the applications you need. Deliver sustainable energy when you need it most.
See How You Can Secure Your Energy Needs
Reduce your carbon emissions and meet your city and state standards with Naked Energy's technology. You can produce both electricity and heat when you need it most.
Decrease Your Costs
Decrease your operational costs by offsetting your energy usage with power generated by Naked Energy's technology.
Optimize Your Energy Needs
Utility & Microgrid
Increase your energy production capacity and ensure you can meet energy demands by improving the efficiency of your solar technology equipment.
Generate The Energy You Need
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Why Choose Us

Generate More Solar Energy Using Less Space

When you partner with ELM Compaines, you gain access to comprehensive turn-key solutions for utility and energy management. As cloud-based technology innovators, you will have access to commercial, industrial, and residential products and services that satisfy your needs.

50% More Energy

Our panels produce 50% more energy per square yard than traditional panels.

Self-Sufficient Energy

Experience piece of mind with secure, free, zero-carbon energy.

Energy Storage

We provide full battery energy storage systems so you store and utilize your energy when you need it most.

Scalable Adaptability

We can adapt our applications from small homes to entire utilities.

Our Services

Explore Our Portfolio

ELM Solar manufactures and distributes this complementary technology. It can be easily combined with existing heating technology, such as heat pumps. This integration is most efficient when Naked Energy technology pre-heats the system, which is then topped-up and maintained by the back up heat source. 

Energy Monitoring

You can see precisely how much energy you have generated and used.

System Integration

Our engineers can help you plan how to apply this technology to suite your needs.

Carbon Reporting

You can monitor how much equivalent carbon you have saved.

Performance Optimization

This technology can help optimize when your system is used and how it is utilized.

Financial Reporting

Enjoy reports that inform you of your energy consumption and financial savings.

Fault Detection

Immediately know if your system is in need of repair or maintenance.

Energy Storage

We provide energy storage technology to harness your produced energy when you need it.

Decarbonize Heat

Distributed renewable heating systems provide a reliable and affordable energy infrastructure.


Popular Questions

Let us be a resource to you. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are happy to share in a conversation.

ELM Solars delivers Naked Energy technology to create 4x more energy than solar PV, and more carbon savings for many public, industrial and commercial buildings that require hot water or other forms of heat. It also delivers lower running costs and better return on investment than standard PV systems.

Naked Energy has a market-leading peak efficiency of up to 80%, at 20% PV and 60% thermal. VirtuPVT displaces more fossil fuels than other distributed renewable energy systems, and generates greater carbon savings. VirtuPVT generates both clean electricity and heat, which dramatically reduces both Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, and contributes to net zero goals. 

A single hybrid collector reduces installation time as well as costs. It delivers more carbon savings than separate solar PV and solar thermal products, and the result is overall greater return on investment. Additionally, Naked Energy’s beautiful aesthetics manufactured and distributed by ELM Solar distinguish them from other collectors in the marketplace.


A Leading Partner for Companies Across the U.S. and Globally

Protecting utility and energy infrastructure motivates ELM Companies to provide superior and comprehensive services across several sectors. Our products and services are utilized among hospitality, healthcare, safety, utilities, manufacturing, construction, and private residences.

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